I found this journal in one of the library’s databases.  While it is a little different I think it fits loosely with my topic.  In my book it talks about how technology is hurting the professional world.  This article talks about how people are increasingly turning to the internet for medical advice and information.  It says that most people still generally go to their health providers and pamphlets first, but that people do use the internet.  It said that those who used it most were people with long term diseases.  Mental Health topics are some of the most searched topics on the internet.  It talks about how health professionals need to have more of a role in helping people understand what they find online because the information could be misleading or inaccurate.

Pohjanoksa-Mäntylä, M., Bell, J. J., Helakorpi, S., Närhi, U., Pelkonen, A., & Airaksinen, M. (2011). Is the Internet replacing health professionals? A population survey on sources of medicines information among people with mental disorders.Social Psychiatry & Psychiatric Epidemiology46(5), 373-379. doi:10.1007/s00127-010-0201-7


This blog I found is titled “Does Technology Makes Us Smart Or Stupid?”  The blog begins by saying that technology either turns us into optimists or skeptics.  Optimists thinking that the internet will make us smarter, and that it has helped us with almost all aspects of life, inclduing living longer.  The skeptics think that it will make us stupid.  They point to the studies that show that we are communicating less and less in person and more and more behind screens.  They also point out that cases of ADHD in children are rising because of the way they are communicating.  He concludes by saying that he thinks technology is neither good nor bad.  While we lose some things when we move on with technology we also gain many things.  We had to lose things from the past to get to this point where we are now as well.  He says that it is up to us and completely in our power whether we turn the internet into something that is good, or something that is bad.

Danaylov, N. (2012). [Web log message]. Retrieved from http://www.singularityweblog.com/does-technology-make-us-smart-or-stupid/

The online article that I found is called “Five Ways the Internet is Destroying Society”.  In this article, Crampton talks about how the internet is changing things in society.  He begins by talking about  how people are in such a rush now because they have everything right at their fingertips.  People don’t wait to sit down and watch an entire TV show, or wait for the highest quality product to come, they are just as happy to watch the clip, or read the summary instead of waiting for the entire finished, full product to come out.  His second point was that real news, important news is becoming over shadowed by gossip, rumors and funny videos.  He basically said that it was like America’s Funniest Home Videos taking over The World News every night.  People pay more attention to things like AFV than The World News.  His third point was that we are able to customize alerts via e mail or on our electronic devices to give us the news that we want.  By doing this, we ignore so much of the important news that is out there and only listen to what we want to hear.  We become ignorant.  His fourth point was that the internet was ending “authorship”.  People are downloading things for almost free, and it’s easy for things to be copied which ruins the originals by the author.  People don’t care about paying for the original as long as they have some kind of copy.  The fifth and final point was that people today are using the new media and internet to criticize and respond to older media that was created before the internet boom.  While he says that this isn’t terrible, we are in a way killing the old media with new media.

Crampton, T. (2010, May 20). 5 ways the internet is destroying society. Retrieved from http://www.thomascrampton.com/uncategorized/michiko-kakatuni/